Stardock Summer Vacation
Jul 6, 2020 8:00

Stardock will be closed for the week starting on Monday, June 29th and we will be returning on Monday, July 6th. We will be monitoring support tickets and forums during this time, but expect delays in responses during this time.

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Elemental FAQ for beginners - please ask your questions here
373 Replies
Get Your E:WoM Avatars Here! [image heavy thread]
444 Replies
Player-written unofficial guide / manual / FAQ
17 Replies
Elemental for dummies
112 Replies
Elemental Wiki
31 Replies
Elemental IRC - Chat with Developers & Fellow Gamers!
38 Replies
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I want to buy this game !!
1 Replies
war of magic pc requirements
2 Replies
0 Replies
Install from CD directs to Gamestop for Patches
4 Replies
Can't Update Elemental War of Magic because I can't register it.
38 Replies
game crashes with dx error, and other minor bugs
8 Replies
0 Replies
1.11 versus 1.40
2 Replies
Should I get this game?
7 Replies
Free Copy of Fallen Enchantress
29 Replies
Video request
4 Replies
Simple Yes Or No Poll - Multiplayer
188 Replies
Of Spies/Diplomat types, Hero Recruitment and other things
0 Replies
Unit design is a toothless timesink
83 Replies
18 Replies
2 Replies
No high score or hall of fame for our game scores
9 Replies
Ideas for wholesome updates or DLC packages.
0 Replies
Windows 8
3 Replies
Will there be a Demo?
25 Replies
Re: A letter from Brad Wardell
3 Replies
What's Changed?
0 Replies
Will WoM get any more patches?
7 Replies
Where are the PATCHES for Elemental: War of Magic
5 Replies
Registering War of Magic on Stardock
2 Replies
Ridiculous Requests for Upcoming Patches
276 Replies
New Install - Updated 1.4 version MAJOR ISSUES! HELP!
2 Replies
battles involving more than two parties
4 Replies
AOW:Shadow Magic Killer?
103 Replies
Worth buying at this late point?
21 Replies
How Do I Filter Out Units with Move Orders?
3 Replies
Am I missing something here?
3 Replies
Can I revert to a version that was actually fun to play?
24 Replies
Quick question from a returning player
3 Replies
French Translation & other
2 Replies
How far away the cities should be?
1 Replies
can't choose tactical combat anymore.
2 Replies
Another n00b question
2 Replies
[.914][suggestion]trading champions
0 Replies
Essence of units
9 Replies
Can I go back?
13 Replies
1 Replies
Improving Tactical Combat
42 Replies
Second try to Elemental after long time
20 Replies
Magic System
1 Replies
How to rotate camera?
16 Replies
No citizens in the cities! Help!
11 Replies
No bows?
3 Replies
Escort Noblewoman Bug
0 Replies
Protection & Counter spells/rituals
52 Replies
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