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Elemental FAQ for beginners - please ask your questions here
373 Replies
Get Your E:WoM Avatars Here! [image heavy thread]
444 Replies
Player-written unofficial guide / manual / FAQ
17 Replies
Elemental for dummies
112 Replies
Elemental Wiki
31 Replies
Elemental IRC - Chat with Developers & Fellow Gamers!
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I want to buy this game !!
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war of magic pc requirements
2 Replies
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Install from CD directs to Gamestop for Patches
4 Replies
Can't Update Elemental War of Magic because I can't register it.
38 Replies
game crashes with dx error, and other minor bugs
8 Replies
0 Replies
1.11 versus 1.40
2 Replies
Should I get this game?
7 Replies
Free Copy of Fallen Enchantress
29 Replies
Video request
4 Replies
Simple Yes Or No Poll - Multiplayer
188 Replies
Of Spies/Diplomat types, Hero Recruitment and other things
0 Replies
Unit design is a toothless timesink
83 Replies
18 Replies
2 Replies
No high score or hall of fame for our game scores
9 Replies
Ideas for wholesome updates or DLC packages.
0 Replies
Windows 8
3 Replies
Will there be a Demo?
25 Replies
Re: A letter from Brad Wardell
3 Replies
What's Changed?
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Will WoM get any more patches?
7 Replies
Where are the PATCHES for Elemental: War of Magic
5 Replies
Registering War of Magic on Stardock
2 Replies
Ridiculous Requests for Upcoming Patches
276 Replies
New Install - Updated 1.4 version MAJOR ISSUES! HELP!
2 Replies
battles involving more than two parties
4 Replies
AOW:Shadow Magic Killer?
103 Replies
Worth buying at this late point?
21 Replies
How Do I Filter Out Units with Move Orders?
3 Replies
Am I missing something here?
3 Replies
Can I revert to a version that was actually fun to play?
24 Replies
Quick question from a returning player
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French Translation & other
2 Replies
How far away the cities should be?
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can't choose tactical combat anymore.
2 Replies
Another n00b question
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[.914][suggestion]trading champions
0 Replies
Essence of units
9 Replies
Can I go back?
13 Replies
1 Replies
Improving Tactical Combat
42 Replies
Second try to Elemental after long time
20 Replies
Magic System
1 Replies
How to rotate camera?
16 Replies
No citizens in the cities! Help!
11 Replies
No bows?
3 Replies
Escort Noblewoman Bug
0 Replies
Protection & Counter spells/rituals
52 Replies
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