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Physical damage types & resistances
4 Replies
Gamers for the press
25 Replies
Just how advanced will technology get?
36 Replies
Allowing for global strategies
3 Replies
Challenge at start of game
15 Replies
Inane questions to ask the Dev's.
0 Replies
17 Replies
Well balanced units
7 Replies
A Plea: Rich P vs E
20 Replies
Pre-orders via TGN tokens?
15 Replies
pre-order price
12 Replies
Importance of Making Tradeoffs
22 Replies
Forum options?
16 Replies
The Riftwar Cycle???
11 Replies
[Questions] Good vs Evil
20 Replies
So what did happen to MOM 2?
8 Replies
Preorder With Paypal
12 Replies
Question on Creating and Balancing Custom Races
1 Replies
Persistent Worlds
10 Replies
Its GREAT to contribute!
9 Replies
Is the Human race the only playable faction?
8 Replies
Elemental missing from
2 Replies
My requests and questions
2 Replies
Forum problems
3 Replies
7 Replies
My first questions.. :)
13 Replies
26 Replies
0 Replies
0 Replies
Open beta vs pre-order beta
10 Replies
Runes on cover
1 Replies
0 Replies
Pre-ordered Elemental but not in impulse
5 Replies
Questions about Units and Races and Modding
2 Replies
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